Greening our Grocery Trip.
Eliminate bringing home plastic bags!

Plastic Bags:
For the ones you already own you can buy a nifty little cloth bag to store them in a nice tidy way.
Etsy Price: $3.45

For your produce use a Reusable knit bag.
Etsy Price $2.50

Re-usable Grocery Bags
Check out the great deals on Ebay
I found 10 reusable bags with free shipping for $14.99.

If you are really crafty I found a great site with patterns and tutorials on how to make your own reusable grocery bags! Check it out!

No Fabric?
Check out this Tutorial for turning your plastic bags into a reusable grocery bag!

Read all about recycling plastic bags HERE.


bella said...

Hi and thanks for your Follow Friday comments and your following me . . . I just subscribed/following your rss feed too! I just LOVE your blog and all of your thoughts and tips! I can't wait to continue to read your blog posts! Ciao, Roz (aka bella)

Rachel Cotterill said...

I'm definitely a fan of reusable bags - and it's amazing how many places you can actually get cloth bags for free, if you look.

dawn hild said...

I'm returning the Friday Follow favor. Thanks for following me!
dawn hild

dawn hild said...

I'm returning the Friday Follow favor -
Thanks for following my second blog...
Dawn Hild