What a crazy time we had trying to get our internet hooked back up during our move! We even stayed in the same town! We ended up switching providers and that seems to not only cost more money but take a few weeks by itself. The good news, all is well and I am back online and ready to blog. We are loving our new place though. There are a few things we are looking into changing, mostly in the bathroom. I would love to switch out the toilet and the bathroom sink. I have been checking out CSN stores and am very pleased with what I've found!
 How cute are some of these:

We are going for a more Earth Toned home so the top one is my favorite so far. We will see what happens! Thanks for waiting around for my return and keep your eye out for tons more bloggy posts!


Month 1: 5/10-6/10
Costs and products used

Hanes Organic T-shirt 
(Cost) $2.00 Pamida Clearance

bioInfusion Organics Brilliant Shine Shampoo Calendula & Lemongrass 12oz.
(Cost) $2.49 Walgreens Clearance

Esencia by Samy
(Cost) $2.58 Walgreens Clearance

(Cost) FREE blog review product!

Belly Oil:
(Cost) FREE blog review product

The time has finally arrived!
Baby #2 has graced us with its blissful presence.
Yes. That's right I can now blog about my journey through a complete organic pregnancy complete with explicit detail! 
Join me for this amazing ride as I blog about what deals I find and how I handle going ALL organic while still staying within our families budget!

Wish us Luck! 


Sleepy Wrap Giveaway! Welcome Home Baby!!

Visit Crazy House to enter to win your very own sleepy wrap! Good Luck!

About the Sleepy Wrap:

The Sleep Wrap was created by Elizabeth Antunovic who set out to create the perfect baby wrap after trying several different one's unsuccessfully. Finally, she and her husband found the perfect material, made the perfect ergonomic design and the Sleepy Wrap was born!

The Sleepy Wrap can be used from the time baby is born and all the way up to 45+ pounds. !  It creates a warm, cozy environment for baby that makes him/her feel safe and secure, helping thm to sleep longer and more soundly. 
I love their facts about Carried Babies and I couldn't agree more!


•Cry Less! (43% less overall and 54% less during the evening hours)

•Are Healthier! (gain weight faster, have better motor skills, coordination, increased muscle tone, and sense of balance)

•Get a better view of the world! (babies pushed in strollers or lugged around in car seats only get to see the adult world at knee-level)

•Become Independent Faster! (making them more confident and less clingy)

•Sleep Better! (they fall asleep quicker and sleep for longer periods of time)

•Learn More! (not overstimulated, but calm and alert, observing the world around them)

•And are just plain Happier!
The Sleepy Wrap is definitely worth the investment and we definitely think you would be CRAZY not to have one :)


  1. My Next Project! I will post pics and let you know how it goes soon! The pictures and tutorial below were found HERE!
  2. Get a youth-sized t-shirt and a pre-made romper (aka a "onesie").

  3. 2
    Trace the romper onto the t-shirt; click to enlarge image.
     Trace the romper onto the t-shirt; click to enlarge image.
    Turn your t-shirt inside outFold both the t-shirt and the romper in half and lay the romper on top of the shirt, lining them up at the fold. Trace.

    See how the crotch on the romper puffs up because it's in a shorts shape? Ignore that. You'll have to fudge a bit for the bottom part. Use the image as a guide.

    You should narrow the sleeves (or take them off altogether, up to you). So basically you're cutting a chunk out of the armpit and then letting it widen for the legs.
  4. 3
    Sew where the orange line is; click to enlarge image.
     Sew where the orange line is; click to enlarge image.
    Sew on the armpit line only. Don't close the leg area.
  5. 4
    cut on the outside of the line you just sewed.
     cut on the outside of the line you just sewed.
    Unfold and cut just outside of the line you just sewed. Go ahead and cut your bottom line too, just make sure you leave enough to hem or you'll get an underwear shape.
  6. 5
    Trace onto the other side.
     Trace onto the other side.
    Fold it over and trace what you've just cut onto the other side. Don't let your cat help, he doesn't have thumbs.
  7. 6
    It's starting to look rompery, isn't it?
     It's starting to look rompery, isn't it?
    Sew the armpit line on that side and cut.
  8. 7
    Both parts facing up for proper closure.
     Both parts facing up for proper closure.
    Attach your closure. If you use snaps, reinforce your fabric with something that doesn't stretch so they hold up better. Make sure your closures are so that the flaps point toward each other when you go to close it. So both sides should be facing up when laid flat.
  9. 8
    Cut a diagonal slit, fold the edges to the inside and sew.
     Cut a diagonal slit, fold the edges to the inside and sew.
    Stop here if you don't mind a homemade appearance. Otherwise, you'll want to hem. Cut that little diagonal slit between the crotch flap and the rest of the leg so your corners don't bunch.
  10. 9
    Way to go!
     Way to go!
    Turn the finished romper right side out .
  11. 10
    The end.
     The end.
    Dress your child.


I am so very excited to announce my big Earth Day Event hosted on my other blog Luvs Jurn3Earth Day which is April, 22nd...is a day designed to inspire awareness and appreciation for the Earth's environment. Something I am truly passionate about! I will be reviewing many different organic and eco-friendly products, as well as give many of them away! I will also be participating in the 'Great Seed Planting' extravaganza held by Out of The Notebook and Into the Blog. For each comment posted I will plant a packet of seeds into a garden! I am blessed enough to have a family member who owns their own greenhouse/garden, he will be happy to hear I plan on taking up some dirt space. The entries into these giveaways will be quick and simple and I will be using the google docs for each one. I have discovered this is the simplest, quickest way for all of my busy readers! There will be a spot to mark extra entries. Check out some of my sponsors! Tons of giveaways are posted now!

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So come on over and check it out, you might win some great eco-friendly and organic products!

Great Sales!